“How do world-class strategists think and operate behind the scenes? Who are the individuals actively undermining democracy? What do the most sought-after experts predict for our shared future? This special community is part master class, part laboratory, part war room.”

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Enemies of Democracy Exclusive Series

Exposés and backstories on those who represent grave threats to democracy.

Who are the black hats keeping Trumpism alive and advancing dangerous ideologies? To fight effectively we need to understand these characters, how they think, and what they want.

TAPPED: listen in on phone calls with political strategists

Campaign pros analyze current political events and reveal carefully-guarded techniques of persuasion, mobilization, messaging, strategy, and other tradecraft to defeat Trumpist candidates.

Exclusive Thought Lab Episodes

We'll gather groups of top-shelf experts to tackle big-picture, controversial topics that affect all of us. Think: The Misinformation Crisis, The Future of Finance, The Evolution of Warfare, and more.

Extended Episodes of The Weekly Roundup

After every episode, our panel of experts sticks around to chat about an extra topic and share their unfiltered thoughts.

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